Poolside is a stage, coaching is a performance: lessons in management from sports coaching (competitive swimming)

This from Eynsenk & Cattell ‘Personality and individual differences’

I’m reading through my Amateur Swimming Coach, Level 3 Senior Head Coach ASA Level 3 notes, module 5 two years after the event … as I can still submit an assignment by the 22nd June and it’ll be marked; let’s say I got distracted (By postgraduate Masters in Open & Distance Education with the Open University that I have just about completed!)

I’m reading the notes I took attending a day long workshop Sport Psychology with the Ireland Olympic Swimmer Julie Douglas, now a sport scientist doing her PhD having started out with a degree in PE from Loughborough a decade before.

I love that so much of what I did in my recent Open University Module ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’ relate to personality type and the role it plays.

I have perspectives on this now from education, from business and from sport as well as two years of cognitive behavioural therapy to make me less a hedgehog and more a guinea-pig (my words!)

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