A comprehensive understanding of human learning.

A comprehensive understanding of human learning.

Knud Illeris

Behavourist, cognitive and social learning all part of the mix.

Mental schemes and engrams – the mind is rarely an empty vessel.

Cummulative learning, like a PIN code.

Assimilative learning (Piaget) As in school (traditionally and currrent).

Accommodative learning (Piaget) Zone of proximal development (Vygotsky)

Signative, expansive, transitional and ultimately transformative … St.Paul on the road to Damascus

Non-learning cased by death or resistance – resistance to learning caused by the psychological trauma of significant and sudden change such as redundancy or death of a close loved one. (2009:16)
Intelligence – cognitive, social and emotional.

An operational description of learning.

Personal and cognitive development (Piaget, 1929) (Erikson, 1963)

Body and mind relationship

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