One learning event to skip next year

I attended World of learning at the NEC yesterday.

I’ll blog thoughts and notes from various seminars in due course.

Line Stream delivered Рconcise,  insightful, based on case studies and best practice.

All the pics I grabbed are in Picasa -ask. I’ll construct a narrative around them.

Usually I attend these events two days running – getting the lay of the land on day one, then going in with questions on day two. Not so here. The footfall was low. The set up was more car boot sale. I came away depressed rather than impressed. There were at least 20 companies offering the same thing.

The exceptions were:

  • Video based – Video Arts
  • Experiental
  • Books – yes! In print form (though not all hardback)
  • In bed with the client (so close they are in-house)

For the rest of it I felt as if I was attending a convention of quick-print printers in the early 1990s.  Everyone had a variation on Prontaprint or Kall-Kwik with little to differentiate or surprise.

Meanwhile in relation to the Open University Masters in Open and Distance Education (MAODE) module H810 – Accessibility for students with a disability – this sums it up (courtesy of a World of Learning presentation) for all students in relation to e-learning.

A few decades ago all male colleges had to accommodate female students – I wonder where the ramps and accessible lavatories are today in a place like Balliol College which has been on the same site for 749 years.

One size doesn’t fit all applies to accessibility, as it always has done between students of all abilities.

How we, as people, and with what tools, resources and commitment is what matters today.

The kitchen table is buried in handouts. Both my camera and iPad are packed with images.

World Education Market in Vancouver, 2001 was the one to attend.

Learning Technologies at Olympia, 2011 was pretty good – without any of the evening networking.

I have to wonder why bother?

Nearly 400 miles, a £10 charge to park and an event that was about as exciting as going around a Boots store on a Monday morning.

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