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Tuesday 25th February 1975

I am 13 years and 5 months old.

I woke quite early, staying at an Inn at Barbon, Cumbria. This was the day of my music exam. I put the electric blanket on and listened to my cassette. I had taped what I needed to know. I had poached eggs and Chiver’s marmalade which were in small tubs. 71/2 minutes to Sedbergh. 11.00am we arrived after time with MM. I didn’t start until 12.30. I bished. (I hadn’t a clue what I was doing there to be honest. I’d come late to music and most of it was cracking the whip at school. With NO interest at all in music at home. No piano, no musical instruments played by anyone. My idea of the piano I needed an electric organ my father turned up with one afternoon). Lunch at Winder (which would be my ‘House’. And then the written exam (I had only passed my grade 5 Theory because the teacher/invigulator had done it for me. And home to Newcastle. (A few weeks later I broke my leg in a nasty ski accident and was kept off school for the entire summer term).

Not a blog, but the start of a diary that I kept pretty much for 10 years without a break and for another 10 years with periods of abstinence. Then along came the Internet and blogging, a public voice, a very different thing indeed.

Will I share the rest of the diary here? No! At least not hundreds of entries such as this where what I ate, whether or not I had a bath or had earache was the account for the day.

Interesting to know what I did on 27 of the last 37 25th of Februaries? Sometimes.

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