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In which a four-year old finds a secret door between the aisles

Lewes Leisure Centre

Sunday 24th September 2000

Slow to get out, but at 12.30 I’m taking the children for a swim while Wanda gets a few tasks in the house sorted out.

We’re in the pool from 1 to 2. Squeeze into a single cubicle to undress. Go for a pee in the disabled person’s loo.

Zoe can swim, she has short moments. It is hard work keeping your eyes on both of them, either both want you attention or they drift off alone. Toby settles into pulling himself up and down the steps into the baby-pool. Zoe takes to chasing me, doggy-style, or clinging onto a float and kicking. She also shows me how she can put her head under water and wave.

The little Tupperware box of pizza pieces and a bag of crisps each is the perfect incentive to keep little one and not so little one perched on the bench in the family cubicle while I get them and I dried and dressed. They are treated to a Cornetto each.

Family trip to Tescos

We take two trolleys in an attempt to split the trouble. It begins as we set off over arguments over who would sit in which trolley.

At the check out we first keep loosing Zoe, only to find her sitting in the Photo Me Booth. Loosing Toby is more scary and has Wanda running off with the shop assistant to make an announcement. I keep checking in and around the Photo-Me booth knowing that he used to like walking between the back of the soft drinks displays and the window. As Wanda returns with a shop assistant the little man appears, unfazed from behind a ‘secret’ door behind the displays.


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