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Diaries, Fiction, Seaford and the National Geographic

Sunday 6th January 2002


Up soon after 5. a.m.

Mug of coffee. Fart and pee in the downstairs loo. Had meant to do something like write, but take ’til 6.30 am simply to map out, lay out and write up yesterday’s diary. It always transpires that far more happened, far more was thought through than appears the case in the early hours of the following day.

Dwarf Rabbits and Guinea-Pigs

I’m worrying about the baby rabbits that I left out all night. They appear ok, but are sitting on top of their hutch rather than being in it. I’ll probably find the guinea pigs are in there. At least they are alive, but I worry that they may catch a cold. They’d have to come in were it colder.

Photobooth Stories

I have an idea to get up and write Photobooth stories, to get some new proposals written. Ideas. How will I turn it into money? When will I talk to Dad? It also dawns on me that I should be going to see the guy at National Geographic shortly. Monday perhaps? I need to check.

On the loo it crosses my mind …


Forgetting what it is I was going to write down to remind myself about. Was it that the rabbits coming in doors makes me wheezy? No. It was important. A hint at a way forward I’m sure. Lost it though.

7.00 a.m. Find my diary

I should have been at National Geographic on Thursday. I should have realised it was that soon into the New Year. Why did I leave checking this out until too late? I’ve been thinking of the need to check the dates, or at least ring National Geographic since my/our return on the 2nd? Was it simply that I’d lost all agenda details from the Psion? Was it ever in the Psion? When I finally took five minutes to find my diary there it was as bold as day – 11.00 am, Thursday 3rd January, Leicester Square. (Why did I not get John from his room in Las Vegas? Why did I keep Richard’s car after his due back date? Why did I lie when Mr Aitcheson asked me if Jessica and I had gone to the pub during our stay in their cottage on the coast of Donegal one January? What makes me behave in such a destructive way? Why did I assume that Jack Deller had a video camera when I was asked to record an event for them? I could have just asked. Could have checked. Knowing that I will be found out or knowing that there is a chance I will be found out?)

I’m wheezing. It’s the rabbits.

The Martello Tower and Seaford Museum

A place to find the time-telescope? Actually I found it in an ‘antique shop’ in Arundel.

War time jazz jolly in its retiring tones. It belies the age of the place, creeps all over he history of some of the items in here. Many are far older, a century or older, many are from a later generation, the 60s, 70s and even the 80s. Damp dank concrete. Moth eaten and threadbare carpets. A wheeze in the air that draws on my asthma. Stacks of junk and bits that could never be sold in an ‘antique’ shop. And those who attend or attention are Dirk Bogarde’s mates, if not wartime, then National Service generation with slick backed hair. Women on the tills, men doing the rounds and showing enquiring interest in us and our interest. The railway track is a constant pull. especially for the children. Seaford a century ago, when the rail brought good and people into the town and created ‘Modern Seaford’.

Tools from my grandfather’s garage. Sets of spin handle drills. sets of ratchets and spanners, sets of cold irons, rolling pins and coal shovels, oils lamps hanging from the ceiling, oil canisters with release valves, objects made to keep, not to empty and discard … their loo before it was modernized, the heavy iron overhead tank flash … just the smell of it, a house that gets damp and only warms or dries out in part in the summer. A tray for baking mince pies another for Yorkshire puddings, reminding me of Christmas, of pre-Christmas and Boxing Day in Kensington Avenue. They never had music. hedge clippers, heavy to handle, heavy to clip and to hold, An endurance job. I can see Grandpa in his brown overcoat, tweed jacket and cheque tie.

In the projector room a roman slide 300 slide projector for 6×6 35mm slides as used at the RGS even in geography lessons in oxford. a Polaroid dad may have brought to a Christmas gathering soon after he split. then a nova 110 fx 110. I see now how spoilt i was with fads only dad knew could have been new.

The middle in the kitchen is somewhat dazed, she looks like a moody scary spice.

A Jules Verne poster for 20000 leagues under the sea staring Kirk Douglas.

My first calculator, an oxford scientific with a reassuring absence of buttons.

H G Wells

As if only fate could allow it I find a copy of ‘A Short History of the World’ by H G Wells.

I know have the following by H G Wells on the go:

The First Men in the Moon

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