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The school run

We race through. There is new decor, I’m sure of it. The kids are less certain. There is an expert mural and plaster work to take us in at the beginning. There are far fewer residents in the mouse house. Zozo picks up on some mother’s chat to her daughter and wants to join in, taking and asking questions. I move us along, TBT has already run right the way through, passed the lemurs and primates, passed the farmyard and (marmots) to the Volcano slide. A tree has been taken out. This disguised slide was once hidden beneath the skirt like drapes of a huge tree. Gone.

I now have Zozo somewhere in the farmyard stroking donkeys, goats and Shetland ponies, while TBT helps himself to a matt and goes up and down the slide-like chute. Once I’ve got them together I challenge them to Zoo-Olympics.

Zoo Olympics

They take it in turns seeing for how long they can dangle from a suspended bar. I time them:

Zozo 20 Seconds

TBT 45 Seconds

Zozo 23 Seconds


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