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Zozo ill, tummy aches, diarrhoea

Both at home. Day in. Mostly in their bedroom. Get them going on cutting things out for their scrap books, also Age of Empires.

Transcribing Diary entries

I find I can transcribe journal entries into the Psion and watch them. I can top and take it up at any time. I have blue spot stickers to put on the corner of the pages I cover. I get all of April 1987 covered in this way, this included a ski trip to La Plagne with Richard and P and led to a swift affair with Vicki. At the time I was living with Vicky in London, having an affair with Helen BT, and having fantasies over Nell Courtenay. What I tripple-timing arse that I was! I wasn’t keeping close attention to them. The children ‘clean’ the bathroom and use up a lot of expensive massage and aroma therapy oils. Darlingest is fed up. I take them out, via shops, to get fish and chips.

It is 5.45. They want ice-creams, there are none in Safeways

The current account must be overdrawn as I was unable to take out any cash – that’ll be a fine. The kids climb into the Photobooth and declare that they went on a great adventure.

I’m highly stressed out by the kids’ determination to allude go to bed

I cop out with some Scrumpy Jack and take time to load entries into the PC and into Diaryland. Darlingest joins me, (as does TBT for a while). I stay up till Midnight loading entries. Having been caught with the cider I drink the lot – would have kept half in the garage. Darlingest knowing kind of gave me permission. I am sad at my failure.

On Diaryland Darlingest says she doesn’t want people reading about our ‘sad lives’. I hadn’t looked at it like that.


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