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aaahhhhh !

The two hours it takes to get two small people dressed, full of food, lunches made, ready for school and into the car … then to the schools in question was blown apart a hour ago when a coat was forgotten. Each played me against the other, ‘I’m too cold, I’m not getting out of the car’ and ‘I’m not going if she’s not going’. Meanwhile the school bell goes and there’s the prospect of hoping to wrap one in my coat … then I’ll have to sign the late book, meanwhile TBT (nursery) will disappear into reception. The teachers will look at me as if I am a half-wit, especially as I am a father, clearly unable to cope. I can’t. I won’t. I take them all the way back home. It is the most peaceful drive I’ve had with them, they knew I was on edge. Better hush up.


This is the first day of the new week back after half term when I was supposed to go for a swim at 7.00 am then work, uninterrupted all day. So why did I, at 7.00 am decide I could be a ‘wonderful pa’ and take them in? Maybe because I’ve already be up for three hours and have written my 4,000 words quota.

I need a check list, like the one I have when I travel abroad. A check list pinned to the back of the front door, another on the dashboard in the car.


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