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Children at night

It is dark. I am tired. I let him cuddle in next to me. He wants to get up. I want to stay in bed. We compromise. I tell him a story. Make one up. I’d like to tell a ‘Photobooth’ story but he doesn’t want one. Nor does he want ‘Hapless Harry’, rather he wants a story about a ‘Good Boy’. So I make a start, a story about a good boy, it has to be TBT, who helps Daddy. So I say how he unloads the dishwasher, puts out the things for breakfast and wipes down the table while Daddy goes to the loo. TBT uses lots of soap and lots of water to make it really clean. Daddy is pained at the slop on the table. This upsets TBT who turns into … (here I think up the kind of thing he might become, a chair or packet of cereal. TBT has other ideas, so I let him run with it). Into a ‘Dinosaur’ says TBT so I describe a Triceratops. TBT the Triceratops helps Daddy feed the guinea-pigs, but eats all their food; he helps feed the rabbits, but eats all their food, he follows Daddy into the garden and eats all the plants. TBT the Triceratops must still go to nursery. Daddy puts him into a trailer. When he gets to nursery Mrs Barrow and Mrs Maitland must find two pairs of plimsolls for his feet. TBT the Triceratops stands on the children’s toys so must go to the end of the classroom. He is sad, but when they go out to play all the children want to ride on his back. After nursery Daddy takes TBT the Triceratops swimming When he jumps into the baby pool he makes such a splash all the water spills out and in the big pool when he jumps in a wave washes everybody out. Finally they go for a walk along the river.

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