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I don’t know what to call it – office isn’t right, it doesn’t have a phone for a start. I should call it my ‘garret,’ my attic room in central Lewes. It looks onto a courtyard of sorts, the backs of buildings tiled red and varying in age from the 17th through to the 19th century.

There was a 14th century house for sale in the local estate agents last week, next to ‘Anne of Cleves’ House, a property given to her by her fiancé Henry VIII; it’s that kind of place.

The Battle of Lewes in 1264 between Simon de Montefort and Henry IV resulted in the creation of a ‘parlement.’

Yes, yes. History for the tourists.

Meanwhile, having posted the address, here it is again:

No.4, 2 Station Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2RW

I have received a note from g1rly-g1rl

Send me a handwritten note and I’ll do the graphology thing with it.

You can address it to ‘Jonathan.’ This will be as close I ever get to being treated like royalty or a celebrity; I am known by my Christian Name alone! Like Charles, or Jude, or Kylie … 🙂

A few lines are best, a least a paragraph!

Don’t send anything rude, I’ve sent a contract promising not to ‘carry out any immoral activities.’ I didn’t ask if I could get away with writing obscene stories.

g1rly-g1rl ‘s handwriting looked familiar; it could have come from an old girlfriend. It has one those confident, bright, legible forms that shows a combination of maturity and intelligence. The large lower loops on the ‘y’s suggest a person who has ‘a great deal of feeling and lots of emotional needs’. I could make this up, actually it’s coming from ‘Lovestrokes: Handwriting analysis for love, sex and compatibility.’ Its 20 years old; it still contains several letters from my wife’s sister – spooky!

g1rly-g1rl is a down to earth secure person are you? Confident, yes, clear headed, yes …

You can get an instant sense of someone from their handwriting. My father, nutter, would pass letters to a graphologist before her appointed someone to a senior position in the company her ran (we’re talking profits of £15m, 76 companies around the world here). He’d dismiss applicants out of hand; he had a particular loathing for ‘bean counters’, you can spot their tight fisted, dry handwriting a mile off. He dismissed those whose writing was inconsistent, backward slanting, forward slanting or shifting around the page. He loathed the big egos too, anyone who did massive ‘I’s and took up half a page with their signature.

Handwriting can indicate a great deal

I miss that in all the diaries I’ve kept. No matter what I’m saying the confidence in my handwriting style is self-evident, as are times when I’m anxious or frustrated. My handwriting is just as garbled when I’m drunk as the splurges of letters I’ve been known to post here. When I’m in a great mood my handwriting shows it, not unlike g1rly-g1rl ‘s but with a determined, slight slant to the right (leans to the mother).

If I were to choose a partner online (I’m not), I’d want to see a recent picture of them, naturally, but I’d also like to receive a few handwritten letters so that I could get a sense of what they are like: loving, confident, well educated, creative are what I look for.


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