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Reasons NOT to blog

Picking through an old blog I stumble upon this:

‘Well, I’m interested for what it’s worth. I really enjoy reading but to be honest I think it would be better for you if you stopped. Writing a blog can be like porn; too much of it and it begins to numb your real life. I’d miss reading but it would be fantastic to see you back here in five years’ time blogging about something great you’ve achieved back in the real world. (sorry it must be weird getting advice from some complete stranger but you’ve got to expect that when you reveal so much on here)’

So reads the comment at the end of an August 2005 blog entry: The 1,273rd entry of a blog I started in September 1999.

Seven years later there are several ‘Really Useful’ boxes full of manuscripts, zip drives, CDs and a Mac hard drive stuffed with my many efforts (screenplays and novels). There are boxes of Amstrad discs too from the 1980s. As well as portfolios of drawings, albums of photographs, videos and CDs.

So I return to this content for a few hours and feel exhausted.

Steven Pressfield talks about ‘resistance’ getting in the way of the writer, I used the expression ‘anything but …’  I write, but do ‘anything but’ send it out.

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