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All the films I’ve ever seen ‘J’

JFK 1991

Jack 1996

Jack & Sarah 1995

Jagged Edge 1985

Jailhouse Rock 1957

Jason and the Argonauts 1963

Jaws 1975

Je t’aime, Je t’aime 1967
For the premise. During experiments with a time machine a suicidal man relives the experience of an unhappy love affair that led him to attempt to take his own life. (I’ve played with this concept in a variety of situations: children going back to the moment their parents break-up to get them back together and a lover repeatedly going back to moments in his love life that he felt should have turned out differently)

Je t’aime moi non plus 1975
Jane Birkin gets it up the arse. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Jean de Florette 1986

Jerry Maguire 1996

Jesus Christ Superstar 1973

Joan of Arc 1948
Ingrid Bergman. I’e always loved beautiful woman in armour! yes. I fancy Xena, Warrior Princess and Lara Croft too.

Johnny Come Lately 1943
Jiummy Cagney

Johnny Mnemoni 1995

Journey to the Center of the Earth 1959

Journey’s End 1930
James Wilby (Howard’s End, Privileged etc:) was in a one act version of this at school (Sedbergh, Cumbria). I idolised him a bit as a junior boy (two/three years younger). If he was in it we could expect the play to be good. Though offered that part of Macbeth some years later it wasn’t enough to persaude me to stay on into the Sixth Form. Instead I headed for Newcastle, The Caucasian Chalk Circle and the Dracula Spectacula!

Judge Dred 1995

Jules et Jim 1962
The perfect love triangle, with any three in a bed scenes or unnecessary extreme violence between the lovers. They just take it in turns, and WWI gets in the way. They even survived. We often forget this. Although millions were killed, many more millions took part and returned home. My grandfather and Adolf Hitler for example. I have this story in which my grandfather and Hitler spend a day in a pill box in No man’s land. On his deathbed my grandfather says how much he wished he’d killed the man, but they’d had so much in common (they he disagreed with his views on Jews). The two young men draw, joke about cigarettes (neither smoke) and aclohol. Though working in the brewing trade my late grandfather was virtually Teetotal. Ho hum.

Jumanji 1995
The perfect format for a kid’s film adventure.

Jungle Book 1967

Jurrassic park 1993

Just Visiting 2001
Jean Reno learns English

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