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All the films I’ve ever seen ‘K’


Kafka 1991

Steven Soderbergh

Kagemusha 1980

Kanal 1958

A Polish resistance group is trapped in a sewer. Exactly the experience of my father in law. He was 19 when he took part in the Warsaw Uprising as part of the Polish Resistance. After several close encounters with certain death he and others tried to make their escape along a sewer until the Germans began dropping in hand-grenades. Obliged to leave the sewer some were met by the SS, lined up and shot. He was lucky. His Aryan looks may have helped (tall, blonde and blue-eyed). He was taken prisoner. A year later the Americans arrived. He had no intention of staying in Poland. He chose between England and the US. He chose England and ended up living in Gateshead where he learnt English. He then applied to Aberdeen University where he secured a place to read Philosophy. This was followed by an M.A. taken at my old college, Balliol, Oxford. He stayed on to lecture, took a DPhil and became a fellow of Pembroke College. etc: etc:

Kelly’s Heroes 1970

Telly Sevalas

The Kentucky Fried Movie 1977

Kes 1969

Ken Loach

Khartouwm 1966

Kickboxer 1989

Jean Claude Van Damme

Kickboxer II 1990

Kickboxer 1992

The Kid 1921

Quintessential Charles Chaplin

Kids 1995

The Killing Fields 1984

Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949

Kindergarten Cop 1990

King Kong 1933 Fay Wray

King Kong 6Jessica Lange.

We all lusted for her at the time.

King of Hearts 1966 WWI

Kingdom of Heaven 2005

Hocum with history, but it’s supposed to be entertainment.

Kipps 1944 from H G Wells

The Knack 1965

A Knight’s Tale 2001

Heath Ledger. What is wrong with courting a young audience?

Koyaanisqatsi 1983

Music by Philip Glass

Kramer versus Kramer 1979

Had us all in tears at the time. We also swaw we’d never divorce when we ‘grew up.’ Niavelly I took the view that I had to be monogamous in my teens and early twenties. Testing myself. Was it possible. Yes. But only with the right person.

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