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All the films I’ve ever seen ‘V’

Valmont 1989
Worth comparing to Les Liasons Dangereuse (the same story) to show how a script, direct and cast can produce such a different outcome.

Van Gogh 1991

Van Helsing 2004

The Vanishing 1988
wd Tim Krabbe

The Vanishing (US Version) 1993

Vanity Fair 2004
Written by my old mate Matthew Faulk.

Vertigo 1958

A Very Long Engagement 1994
From the novel of the same name by Japrisot (I’d like to read it in French). The best example of how to treat the First World War in a modern film.

Vice Versa 1988
Another opportunity to compare how two films differ on the same subject (both based on a Victorian story of this name). This had to compete with Big starring Tom Hanks which pulled it off.

Victory 1981

A View to a Kill 1985

The Vikings 1958
I like this kind of thing.

Les Visiteurs 1993
Best in French, okay in English.

Volcano 1997

Von Ryan’s Express 1958

Voyageur 1991

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