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I’m in a Moorcock world (though I’ve never read one, I’ve seen the illustrations).


I return to my old prep school to become re-engaged with creatures that exist in another dimension: vampire like freaks with whom I had become friends and amongst whom I had made a friend, a girl I had rescued and returned to them. Without my help they will die. I must go on a mission to find her again. IN order to take on this task I must compromise my human form, taking on more of a type in which I become more like bone with a soul, than a flesh and blood creature … my skeleton is less human than I imagine, the bones a thick as those in Skate around the ribs for example. You could say these were well hidden Aliens. Death is always close. As a human I could be consumer/translated … sucked dry at ay moment by one of these fairy/nymphs. My guardian is the head prefect/head master or prince of this kingdom/state. The instructions for the tools I require to get to this other outlet for their existence is complex and bizarre, mixing woodland craft, feathers and sticks with hi-tech gadgetry … and for more entertainment, a few toys. While I’m there a war breaks out. Dressing up as confederate solider they fight a battle with a second tribe also in fancy dress – all very Terry Gilliam, even Labyrinth or Henson’s Creature Workshop this. Death is common place. I allow someone who could be an evil torture to commit me to the procedure of becoming more like them, this will make me better able to find ‘the missing one, but will also make me less human. The procedure resembles having an enema through the heart – though I continue to live it seems to dissolve, then suck out my vital organs. In moonlight I am nearly translucent. Procrastinating before this dangerous journey I am surprised to see another set out before me – Selina Scott! (representing my sister, or an alternate or another part human). The sacrifice I am taking is being taken by others too. I now feel there is a race on … only one of this can succeed at the task to which I am now committed. I have a flying device, more like a jet ski with wings/a sail. Like many of these creatures’ devices it works by being plugged into your own body, drawing energy from you. My speed is controlled, as it were, by my blood pressure (or mood). It is hard to tell which. I set off at dusk, into a moonlight sky, into the clouds, over the town where I come from settling into the space on my vehicle on a trip that will take me to the other side of the world – as far as New Zealand on a large microlight. A couple of servant like beings have been sent too (or come with the kit). They wait on me.

05h35 I’ve been dwelling on this in semi-consciousness for half an hour. I run through it a few times, the simple stages of returning to my old prep school, finding these beings that I befriended while their, being drawn in to undertake a dangerous mission that will return me to my true love … and save them from extinction.

I feel it has something of ‘The Watersprites’ about it … something of ‘The Girl in the Garden’ too.

1: Who are you in the dream?

Me. Younger. If returning to Mowden I may be late teens/early twenties.

2: Who are you with in the dream?

A human boy.

3: What details stand out?

The creature world from the woods juxtaposed with the human world.

4: What do you feel about these details?

A fantasy land that mixes wood nymphs, vampires, devilish ghouls and other ‘woodland’ creatures with the modern … somehow. Beings that exist in another dimension, or so disguised that they are unknown to most people.

5: What are the various actions in the dream?

Meeting old friends, re-familiarising myself with a form of existence I had forgotten about, committing to a risky adventure, self-sacrifice by becoming more like them to undertake the challenge/journey.

6: How are you acting and behaving in this dream?

Curious, cautious, interested … on familiar ground, but seeing it from the point of view of an adult, so making me less weary, or better able to stand up to some of the creatures, especially the underlings, in this strange, dark, wood world that has been touched by human technology … and have developed an alternate technology of their own as a result.

7: What relation does this dream have to your personality?

Forever setting off on quests of the imagination, where I must sacrifice things, commit to things and do it for no better reason than the pleasure I get from taking the journey and the reward at the end … love, companionship, a soul mate.

8: What does the dream want from you?

To write it down, visualise it, then incorporate it into a story I have already written or devised and give it a film structure.

9: What are the various feelings in this dream?

Awe, disgust, fear, trepidation … wonder, participation, being up for it …

10: What relation does this dream have to what is happening right now in your life?

We’re selling the house and moving … but more significantly, after a break of several months, I am about to commit to working on a story for possible publication. Again. Even though I need some kind of regular employment too to support us at the same time.

11: Why did you need this dream?

Do I need it? Is it a distraction? Or is it showing me the way forward? I have far too many projects on the go simultaneously. Is this a new one, or a return rto an old one? Should I not be redrafting something I have written already?

12: Why have you had this dream right now?

It’s the beginning of the year. January is always the beginning of a set of difficult challenges for me: don’t drink, come of coffee, detox … get the accounts in order, find a job (or get some stories out) … make plans, hope that some of them will bear fruit during the year.

13: What relation does this dream have to something in your future?

I need to achieve something. I need to undertake and complete a lonely, bizarre mission of sorts. I need to enter my head, extract a story from it, and lay this out on paper in a way that others can share and enjoy.

14: What questions arise because of this dream work?

Whatever story I tackle, I must see it through to the end … the end being putting it into the hands of a publisher or an agent.

15: Who or what is the adversary in the dream?

Me. Debt. Alcohol. Being distracted … filling my time and my life with something else. Making excuses … TV, the internet.

16: What is being wounded in this dream?

The transformation is one way. There is pain involved.

17: What is being healed in this dream?

Having something to do . Being a part of something.

18: What or who is the helping or healing force in this dream?

That comes when I complete the mission.

19: Who or what is your companion in this dream?


20: Who are your helpers and guides in life as well as in your dreams?

Alone. Though my wife, children and mother would deny this … there are even a few encouraging friends out there.

21: What symbols in this dream are important to you?

The weirdness of it, The otherworldliness of it.

22: What actions might this dream be suggesting you consider?

Get on and write it down.

23: What can happen if you work actively with this dream?

I’ll turn out a science-fantasy adventure story.

24: What is being accepted in this dream?

I need to set out on a quest.

25: What choices can you make because of having this dream?

Take on a quest … a writing journey most like (or a production).

26: What questions does this dream ask of you?

Ensconce yourself in the world of science-fantasy story telling.

27: Why are you not dealing with this situation?

Force of habit. Fear of rejection. Inertia. Debt. Distractions … any excuse!

28: What do you want to ask your dream spirits?

Keep coming back!

29: How helpful has this survey been?

An indulgence, always.

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