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Try building a house on a landfill site.

I have this crazy idea that I should write 10,000 pages, 1,000 words per entry then hit the ‘enter@random’ button to create a novel.

It won’t work will it?

I’ve tried it with 1,500 pages. I’ve printed it off.

Try building a house on a landfill site. Try listening to six radio stations simultaneously.

Where’s the thread?

Content. Only because I’m tapping with such speed and ferocity at the keyboard that my finger tips hurt. Thimbles for keyboard addicts?

Twitter has me on its line, for now. Several other blogging sites have their nets over my head. I tickle them then let go, or get out … whatever it is. LiveJournal, Blogger, Writerspress.com, MySpace and FaceBook soon irritate me.


F*cking adverts smacking me in the face very few seconds, scr*wing the download and mangling my already tired brain.

My Brian.


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