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Day One H807 Innovations in E-Learning

6th February 2010

Though eager to get my mind into gear and to put some thought into my reading on innovations in e-learning the day has to be spent with the swimming club. What has organising nine swimming teachers and 120 kids into 10 grades of class got to do with e.learning? What could be further away from what e.learning offers than swimming? dance? gymnastics? Yoga? What contribution can e.learning make in terms of helping the swimmers pick up more, let alone the teachers or parents.

It is in this variety of demands and users and user expectations where I would hope e.learning comes into play – it is learning that the user can pull down when the need or interest suits them, it can be personalised and tailored too. The journey they take to understand what they are doing and the length of the journey they take is up to them.

From the top of my head. What else would you expect from a blog?

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