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A new blog

Ok. In this instance I am a ‘laggard,’ somewhat slow in moving on having been one of 20,000 or less who were blogging in 1999. How long had I been ‘active’ online by then? its hard to recall. In 1996 I shot a short on super 16mm film stock – so digital hi-def hadn’t taken over. It does mean that this short could be transmitted in high definition. I wouldn’t .

Once I’ve got my head round this site and what it can do I will in due course select from the 1600+ entries in the ‘other place.’ My idea then, and here, would a) to entre diary entries & old blogs in a way that would suggest I’d been doing this from the age of 4 (my earliest memories). Secondly that I could escape the prison of a basic, chronological diary form so that I can groups entries by them and thirdly, that I can have an ‘enter @ random’ button so that once I have more than a few hundred entries here I can indulge myself with some ‘sliding’ through my life line.

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