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Too long in front of the screen.

Clicking on everything and going somewhere … but nowhere.

Signed up to the Visual Thesaurus. I just love what it does to the contents of my brian, scrambling, rewiring & thrilling it all at once.

I adhore Tag Galaxy too and want to fill Flickr groups with pics simply to see they tossed into this mix. I’m desperate to share this with others to see what they make of it and more importantly what they can do with it.

I’d like a Tag Galaxy on:

each competitive stroke (swimming)

On Paschendale (have it)

many, many things.

& on various novel/screenplays I’ve been tossing about for a decade. All the visual reseach needs to go here. I like the ‘mind match’ it makes.

It suits me. Suits you?

I need to blink more often.

I need to get off this keyboard more often. I need to have lunch & walk the dog and ,.,,. have another coffee (or have one brought to me/)

Music. Anything goes. It happens to be a shuffle through David Bowie, Amy Whitehouse, Iggy Pop & the Kaiserchief 🙂

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