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Boarderline Personality Disorder

Radio 4. 10.15am Monday 8th March.

A comprehensive, clear & brief explanation of Boarderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

As someone who is currently undergoing Cognitive Behavioural Disorder this rings true.

I first encountered a psychologist when I was 4. My behaviour then put down to ‘bright. easily bored.’ The advice ? ‘Take him swimming & tire him out.’

Several decades on from this and I am misdiagnosed as ADHD and put on Ritalin. Nor am I bi-polar or depressed.

‘v.bright. easily bored.’ the specialist said.

This cannot be the whole story.

8 months of CBT and I may have come to the crux of the matter – my relationship with my father. His death 8 years ago and the responsibilities he from his grave expected me to take on stirred up latent problems to a dreadful degree.

This is now in the past.

The journey to contentment has begun.

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