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Diffusion of innovations

Uncertainty is the degree to which a number of alternatives are perceived with respect to the occurrence of an event and the relative probabilities of these alternatives.

One kind of uncertainty is generated by an innovation defined as an idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new by an individual or another unit of adoption.

An innovation presents an individual or an organisation with a new alternative or alternatives as well as new means of solving problems.

However, the probability that the new idea is superior to previous practice is not initially known with certainty by individual problem solvers.

Thus, individuals are motivated to seek further information about the innovation in order to cope with the uncertainty that it creates.

Information about an innovation is often sought from peers, especially about their subjective evaluations of the innovation. This information exchange about a new idea occurs through a convergence process involving interpersonal networks. The diffusion of innovations is essentially a social process in which subjectively perceived information about a new idea is communicated from person to person. The meaning of an innovation is thus gradually worked out through a process of social construction.






Rogers E E Diffusion of Innovations (2005)



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