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Determined to get a piece of writing to an agent

I would be working on something new instead of packing something I’ve written already 😦 One piece, a synopsis & three chapters, every week ’til Christmas.

I’m already three weeks behind, but one piece has gone, so there’s a start.

Another will follow to day and others on Wednesday & Thursday I’m sure.

‘Dump’ goes out today, a puerile premise which has a shit of a character being ‘dumped’ back in time first 3 hours, then 3 days, then 3 weeks and so on ad infinitum … every time he does a dump, visits the lavatory, goes to the bathroom to do a No.2, a crap … (put your favourite word for it here).

‘Get Jack Back’ about a young nurse serving on the Front Line who impersonates a machine gunner in the First World War to relieve her brother has gone out.

Others this week must include:

‘Watersprites’ as such a huge part of my life has been spent writing, researching & filming it.

and another …

‘The Time Telescope’ or ‘Fortune Photobooths’ or even that ‘Driving Blind’ thing which has had me in its tentacles for a decade.

We will see.

Knowing me I’ll go and try to write something different.

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