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Email. Change. Proactive. Collaboration.

Nervousness about working collaboratively with a group of strangers, some less available than others, and aware of the failure to contribute of 4/8 in such an Exercise in H807 I decided that I’d try something different and emailed everyone.

A few hours later 4 out of the group have got in touch and sound relieved that I’ve helped break the ice.

The next step is to be a contributor, circumspect, professional and academic. Having read and taken notes on three of the reports I feel I’ve made a good start. I need to put as much thought into each of the other reports and relate what others think worthy of note.


Often people are waiting around for others to take the initiative, even to post the first entry. Perhaps I should liken this to being the first onto the dance floor at a Rugby Club Disco in my teens. Once someone makes a start, others join in.

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