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Professionalism, Collaboration and the one-man band

Are there industries or careers where it is only possible to be ‘professional,’ let alone a ‘Professional’ if you are part of a team?

(This is part of a debate/discussion on little ‘p’ or big ‘P’ professional in module H800 ‘The e-learning professional’ as part of the OU’s Masters in Open and Distance Education).

A GP can operate alone. A solicitor could operate on their own. But a surgeon cannot. Despite the tools available, making a movie is not a solo-job. (There are exceptions I know).

Were I a client commissioning a piece of e-learning would I be inclined to work with the one-man band? Can one person design, copywrite, design, programme and project manage? On a small scale, to a degree.

I don’t think an individual can be good enough, or engaged enough with all of these things. What is more, they would benefit from the input and insight of others (let alone the cover).

In the various marketing, communications, TV production, web-design, online learning production and publishing businesses where I have worked there is at least a four way split between writers, visualisers, programmers and project managers. In e-learning the same four roles are required, levels of understanding need to overlap to some degree, but it is not absolute. Indeed, I would consider it a failing in someone if they felt they could fulfil all of these roles and were determined to do it all themselves.

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