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What does learning look like ?

Fig.1. What learning looks like. As I find it, or a model for creating an online learning platform?

I have for four weeks avoided printing anything off for H808. There has been no need.

However. So that I have it in front of me, Blu-tacked to the wall, I am printing off

The processes of writing reflectively: a map of reflective writing. Moon (1999a) Appendix 1 in Moon (2001)

And the Kolb Cycle. Kolb (1984)

This, as well as doing as I intended a month ago, drawing a simple knowledge-map by way of a treatment into a pad of A5 paper before I write in here may be how I do things here on in.

Dull, but dutiful?


Kolb, D (1994)    Experiential Learning as the Science of Learning and Development, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Moon, J (1999a)  Learning Journals: a Handbook for Academics, Students and Professional Development, Kogan Page, London

Moon, J. (2001) ‘PDP working paper 4: reflection in higher educationlearning’ (online), The Higher Education Academy. Available from:http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/York/documents/resources/resourcedatabase/id72_Reflection_in_Higher_Education_Learning.rtf(Accessed 26 SEPT 2010).


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