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What makes an e-learning forum tick?

I recall some months ago, H807 or H808 how envious I was of a group that was working on a collaborative exercise and had achieved 76 posts or so by the end of the project. Our group was struggling and was at the 36 or so mark.

Looking through their group’s efforts compared to our own I came to one conclusion:

Contribute frequently

It is therefore with no surprise and pure serendipity that I noticed that after two weeks our group hit the 100 posts to the forum mark.(And I happened to make the 100th contribution)

There is a balance across the week, periods where all of us have been absent, but the general flow has been to dip in and out every second or third day with TWO Skype events sing sync.in and/or Google Docs crucial to the exercise.

How may forum posts might the posts into Sync.in or Google Docs result in? Another 100? Probably.

It’s the only way to keep the ball rolling, if only to let your colleagues know you are around, where you can or cannot contribute, or what you can or cannot do … but most importantly – do stuff, even get it wrong – especially get it wrong as people will provide guidance and develop your understanding.

‘Creativity is mistakes’ says Grayson Perry.

OK. we’re not creating art here, but we are not the less engaged in an activity that requires us to think, interpret and express, not just in words, bnut through visualising ideas.

And another sign of a successful collaboration?

Little, even no involvement by the Tutor.

They may lurk, they may be omnipresent as this screen grab suggests, though if you view our group forum you’ll find he sets it up and we run with it.


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