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Teaching history using digital cameras and a good deal of imagination

We imagined they had a hoard of coins from the year 1066.

When put into a photo-booth they went back in time to that year. Each group ‘landed’ in a spot suitably located for each of a sequence of events, covering all three battles that year, the long march south and the coronation of Duke William in London.

Each group of two or three landed in a different location and time and witnessed the events first hand.

On their return they spoke into the camera of the Time-machine camera to give an account of what they saw.

Edited together these clips were shown in class at the end of this term-long project.

Six years on from doing this at a Primary School Google reveals all kinds of engagement relating to 1006 and the Battle of Hastings.

A visit to 1066 country offers the coast and the English Channel, a castle and abbey, the site of the battle and AV of the events.

They got far more history on the events of 1066 than they would have got much before A’ levels, what is more, five years on (I’d gone in as a parent volunteer) many who still see me come out with the line, ‘there wasn’t one battle in 1066, there were three. My love of history was developed as the only grandchild who would listen for hours to his grandfather’s adventures as a Machine-gunner in the First World War.

Transcripts of extensive interviews I conducted in his 93rd year can be found at http://getjackback.wordpress.com/

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