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Quantible Googlies

These are things you don’t want people to find out about you when they Google your name.

Of the 17,653 pages in a blog I have dealt with a few self-inflicted googlies and have removed anything that might be deemed a googly by others.

Pseudonyms have been used through-out, but doing a word search through 1.6 million words when I download it then pasting back is a task worth of a Modern Fairytale.

Is it a word?

Did I use it correctly?

Have others used it?

Does it make sense?

Blog at length about your very own googlies and we may find it goes viral.

Or you’ll tell me someone used ‘googlies’ seven years ago.

Tell me where, it might have been me 🙂

Age 11 or say my written English was constantly corrected: ‘ragabond’ is one I recall using. I put them all into a book for an age … for six weeks at least. I’m sure that exercise books is kicking about somewhere. Maybe I’ll need it if the OED gets in touch.

The other day I heard ‘Quantible’ or ‘Quantable’ as a mash-up of ‘Quantifiable’ and ‘Accountable.’ (He thinks). It was said in a Radio 4 broadcast and caught the ear of the producer as the use of the word was repeated in all the trailers.

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