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The Pop Art of Digital Marketing: Learning Technologies. 2011

This was like Penn and Teller showing how magic is done.

The show opened with the sorrowful ballad of the digital marketer; the tune like a ‘earworm’ is drilling its way through my cerebellum as I write this.

That worked. Catchy tunes and some doleful lyrics. It was an appealing rock ballad featuring some youth, not overtly cliche, but suited to the target audience.

In a delightfuly matter of fact way Imran Farooq happily shared with the audience simple ways to get your message read and actions to occur as a result.

Like so many presenters the invitation went out to get in touch via infor@imranfaroq.

Everyone is a graduate from MMC and his business is a joint venture with Manchester Metropolitan University. It has suprised him how quickly his business has grown.

‘It is amazing what you can do with a laptop and an Internet connection.’

He told how he had a challenge to identify and attract students to a course that cost £14000. They turned a campaign around in three days and had the first student sign up on day three. By the end of the week they had generated 100 enquiries.

Customer experience is everything.

At the very least customers online are looking for the same experience as they’d get face to face.

Can you share any?

We had a quick intro to some tools and services that are free, such as using Google Keyword tool to refine keywords and Google Insights for Search.

Doing a mind map on keywords is a simple and effective thing to do.

Social media related links and appropriate words should be used too.

Try YouTube insights and Tweet Deck for example.

Here’s how to contact Imran Farooq:

Understand the user experience and use eye tracking.

Something the Institute of Educational Technology does at The Open University.

Again, I now wish I’d had a point and shoot Flip camera to hand. I could have then better digested this, and with greater accuracy.

(A year on I’ve signed onto their Social Media Marketing online course)

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