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Benns on blogging. Tony Benn addresses his grandson on the matter

From My Mind Bursts

To support the launch of a new book Tony Benn‘s grandson spoke to him in the Oldie Magazine.

My interest regarding blogs, twitter, facebook and the plethora of otherwise to ‘have a voice’ is that there are so many millions of blogs now and so many people ‘up on their soap box’ trying to have their say that their words risk being drowned … or being ‘deselected’ by search engines that favour sites that have been tagged to favour rankings and selection

Is a blog the way to be heard?

Would a well advertised book not do this better

Ref. THE OLDIE Feb 2010

‘Letter to my Grandchildren’ Tony Benn Hutchinson

‘You say that lack of editorial censorship on blogs gives those that write them ‘real power.’ Do you think that individuals writing blogs have the potential to effect significant changes in the world?’

Oh yes enormously. If all the great writers and thinkers in history had had access to the wider public through the blog then quite a number of big decisions might have been taken differently. And the right to free speech, which we boast about, has got to be accompanied by the right to be heard. The right to be hears is what matters. Anyone can go and shout in a public park, the question is will anyone be able to hear it? And what blogging has done is made it possible for people, without being controlled by proprietors, to put out their own thoughts. or publish other people’s thoughts, and all those those to enter into the public domain.’ Tony Benn


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