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Learning Technologies (Take Three)

I’ve been there as a director … take three, four and five and on.

Shooting on Super 16mm film at X a roll I was the first or second take director. It was my cash running through the gate.

Take three is like a digital stutter. You haven’t even started to take what you are doing seriously. You don’t need to.

My take three on Learning Technologies finds me as overwhelmed as on the first day of this Olympia Exhibition.

There are several companies whose message I wish to trumpet, others to introduce and others still to impress as my wish is to do business with them.

I began with a mind map. That is now a bubbl.us chart. In text it may run to 3,000 words. So it will have to be expressed in 500 word pieces.

I hope, like a gardener shaking through the dirt that from my perspective at least, I am starting to pick out the gems.

A work in progress that at this stage I share with my OU colleagues only.

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