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Three ways to write and read

The Kindle arrived yesterday.

Though the picture of John Steinbeck may tempt me to read fiction so that all I’ve read is this – the first five chapters.

The A5 Daler Rowney sketchbook is 160gm cartridge paper

It ought to be used for drawing, not doing mind maps. Whatever comes to hand. I have always carried a sketch pad around with me. Mum would have prefered a set of soft pencils, I prefer a soft-tip drawing pen.

Media and Communications Technologies by Stephen Lax is the kind of thing I’d have on the Kindle now.

I read this last August and feel a need to do a quick re-read i.e. the introduction and conclusion. I have detailed notes somewhere which ought to help get me back into the subject too, notes taken the old way, handwritten goblets from the text or typed directly into a laptop then shared/stored in a blog or eportfolio (or both). The Kindle, on the Kindle or Kindle PC, allows you to do this with a highlighter tool that also collates the text you’re interested in (ditto notes which no longer need to be confined to the margins).

The stand I bought from Rymans in 1982.

It amuses me that my girlfriend of the time was critical of my spending this kind of money, yet here it is 28 years on, still serving me well. You see, it pays to buy well. I’d put Lacoste Polo shirts, Timberland pollar-necks and boots and Whitestuff ski jackets into the same bracket. The Minolta lenses I bought in 1989 in Hong Kong wich are now on a Sony digital body … what else?

Pens and watches I lose, so they may have survived but are in the hands of others.

My guitar a silver flute.

Some things were made to last.

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