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Vygotsky’s model of mediated act and its common reformulation

I completely disagree with what I put below. I now quote him often and own several books. It makes most sense when showing interaction between people through various learning platforms and devices such as this.

He may crave the mantle of Vygotsky, Piaget or Papert but he ain’t going to get it from me.

Whilst I can just about relate educational psychology and Vygotsky to this:

I find the arguments and diagrams from Engestrom that follow are unnecessarily complex. If an author at this level cannot say what they mean that is comprehensible then they have failed. What applies to everyone in adveristing and industry when it comes to communication must apply to those in academic institutions ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid.’ I believe as everything that is written is rightly exposed online that readers will quickly demolish or ignore the pretentious academic report that appears to be written with one reader in mind … themselves.

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