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Blended learning – read a book then blog about it.

Once again I am reading a book cover to cover. It may not be an attractive model for distance learning, but in reality, six books on a theme with some overlap do form a body of work that develops my understanding. The interplay between authors may only be in my head, but it works.

For me these books bind everything else that I study from one module to the next H807, H808 and now H800.

They are typically OU people, sometimes contributing to the MAODE as Chair or Authors … and of course because of the papers they have written, or a chapter (or part of at best) that we are invited to read.

I have these on a Kindle. I find I can ‘consume’ the content far faster, reading in moments during the day, highlighting and making notes as I go along. It would be interesting to be one of several reading the book together.

Would we not become aware of the passages we each highlight?

Whereas I’d not stand in Waterstones and read through an entire chapter before purchasing I now do this as a matter of course. If I’ve been engaged for a chapter (sometimes a little more) then I reckon I can go the distance. The ease at which one title can be read and others offered has mean feeling that Amazon has a hand down my pocket.

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