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Our fingers do the talking in Web 3.0

‘It isn’t jsut the ability to write, it’s the ability to type. We’re so passionate about the next gadget but are bound to the speed and accuracy of our fingers on a QWERTY keyboard’.

I just spotted the errors in this a few days after posting; I guess hitting the ‘spell-check’ key would help.

Engrossed in the delivery of tertiary education support (VLE), communications and course materials to mobile devices (Smartphones and Tables).

The OU has 35,000 students using such devices regularly now. Small in a student population of 300,000+ but growing as each new cohort arrives with a device they are familiar with in their hands.

The Open University Business School (OUBS) has made its new MBA accessible by these decivces. The Open University has reversioned its VLE for such use too. Reading student blogs I’ve found several writers blogging about how they keep up with Forums and the Work Load on their iPhone while reading and note taking course work on their iPad. All of this away from the desk, and even away from places where a laptop might have done the trick.

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