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Making the most of the student experience

On the one hand, taking a conservative stance when it comes to introducing technology into learning, it may mean that a number of student cohorts miss out on the opportunity to use new technologies for learning, on the other hand it would be far worse to make a radical and universal shift in learning methodologies just because in a handful of papers a few excitable authors (Prensky, Tapcott and others) say everything has changed only for us to find in the fullness of time that their ideas don’nt don’t stand up to empirical research.

Ideas put forward between 1999 and 2001 during the height of dot.com development which exploited the hype that was founded on assumptions and possibilities rather than empirical evidence about some families where children had grown up with technology around them. Wasn’t there an outcry about television frying our children’s minds in the 1970s. I wonder if I’m one of the remote control generation, or the zapper generation, those of us brought up for most of our TV viewing years without having to get up to change between one of the three channels offered.

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