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The two word guide to Social Media Success: be sociable

It is called social media because that’s what it is; the tools are blogs and discussion groups. It is like having an Open Day every day. We have in our midst these virtual ghosts who are curios, who want to listen in, maybe comment to their friends and then find the courage to engage with one of us.

Think of it as a party that never ends, or if that sounds too much, how about the Village Post Office (as they once were) – a hub. Or if you fancy something more dynamic, the ice-rink in the middle of Broadgate. Where encounters inevitably occur.

Of course Social Media is more fluid and immediate than this, you can cut to the chase, understand very quickly who it is you’re talking to. It can be and should be networking. My father would have loved it, his autistic manner couldn’t handle or tolerate small talk.

I agree. When online in a community of like minds do we have to talk about about the weather or football? Unless this is the modus operandi you get on with it.

I have the brochure from Fresher’s Fair, Oxford 1981. In an hour you had to match interests and people. Personal relationships came later, friendships, lovers and colleagues with whom we have a bond … Learning together.

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