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An abundance of learning and the world wide Web 2.0 changes everything

A pedagogy of abundance

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Spamish Journal of Pedagogy, 249′ pp223-236

Boyer (1990)
What scholars do
1) Discovery
2) Integration
3) Application
4) Teaching

Compared to traditional economics
From an economics of scarcity to an economics of abundance.
Chris Anderson (2008) You give away 90% of a product to earn 1 %
Or giving away the digital object while making money on the physical.

The long tail

Traditionally education was like music with the expert scarce …
An instructivist model
While access to expertise remains rare, we have access to journals, videos, blogs, podcasts, slidecasts, also discussion forums, Comments, and blogs.

Siemens (2005) shift to greater control by the learner rsther than the institution. Constructivism, social constructivism and connectivism.

Dialogue, reflection, critical analysis … The essence of learning.

Conole (2008) Web 2.0 the collective and the network. Web 2.0 = niche communities, social purposes, collective political action, amateur journalism, social commrntary.

Seely-Brown and Adler ( 2008) shift to participation and demand-pull.

Socially based
Connections light
Organisations (Shirky 2008)
User generated content

In a world of abundance the emphasis is less on the creation of new learning materials than on the selection, aggregation and interpretation of existing materials.(Weller 2011)  i.e. New learning content becomes the remit of students who through the abundance of stuff and connectivity generate new content. (JV)

Barrows and Tamblyn (1980) problem based learning.

Wenger (1998) the social role of learning and apprenticeship as ‘legitimate peripheral learning’

Bacon and Dillon (2006) Communities of practice.

Siemens and connectivism.

The real issue is user-based content. Eric Schmidt, CEO Google.


Weller, M (2011) The abundance of learning

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