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An arm torn off in the corn crusher – North Eastern Brewery 1912

I remember the Forman Joiner, Jack Walton, getting his arm torn off in a crusher


Down the lane from the Royal Hotel there were the stables and the joinery. They had slats of mahogany used for wood storage. They made their own furniture.

Walton was a Cockney – he always had to be right.

This corn crusher had a steel roll and you put the corn in at the top and caught it out the bottom. It was driven by a belt from the pop factory. It got choked and Paddy Rafferty went to fetch Walton. Paddy was an Irish Labourer. He lived at 21 John Street.

Walton got on an empty crate, propped it up to stand on so he could take a look to see what was blocking the crusher and the crate collapsed. His arm went straight through. He was left hanging there by his arm. They had to dismantle the crusher to get him out, the muscles were all torn.

They took him down to the infirmary where they amputated the arm. 

To get some sense of what it was like a hundred years ago I turn to books such as this.

From First World War

The other thing to do is to rent a holiday cottage with no electricity, an outside low and a peat fire.

I found a two room cottage in Donegal that took me back at least 100 years!


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