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The History of English in Ten minutes Reviewed

The story so far:

  • 250,000 on YouTube views
  • 25,000 on iTunes

Picked up by News Week in the US sent ‘History of English’ higher especially as it is so easily picked up by blogs.

The view is that he hasn’t gone viral yet. 

I asked via Twitter during a livestreamed conference this morning if the response in the US was important to make the series viral. I learned that:

  • 70% of our user base is not in UK.
  • Half of that is likely to be in the US.

Four of the videos are currently featured on the main YouTube home page under ‘Recommended by You’ and ‘Shakespeare’ is currently the top download on iTunes U.

Eight of the current Top Ten downloads on iTunes U are from the History of English collection

On News sites

The Guardian Guide/Technology

‘Internet Picks of The Week’

‘What We Learned on The Web This Week’

The Washington Post

Ezra  Klein blog

Educational sites:

British Council

Teaching English



‘The best free cultural and educational media on the web’

Also tweeted it -and resulted in 134 retweets

Times Higher Educational Rankings


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