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Social Media Analytics from the I.E.T.



Settling down to some H800 reading at the end of an extraordinary week.


Monday ‘attended, live-stream conference from the Institute of Educational Technology.


Tweeted through-out and got one question in either to Martin Weller or Andrew Laws.


Screen grabs and blog notes all the way through.


Yet to digest but gripped by Weller’s growing view that page views, links and friends for a stream of online writing may be gathered in time as evidence of scholarship.


Also informed by Tony Hirst and the meaning behind Goodhart’s Law in relation to analytics that cease to be a measure as we become skilled at warping/twisting the means by which the stats are generated.


Informed too by the notion of Open Learn content, understandably, as having a commercial as well as a public remit, to inform, but also translate into people signing up for courses.


If there was a Coast course I’d do it. All I’ve ever had is a fancy booklet.


That was Monday.


This is turning into one of those weblog things. Now why am I not into all that reverse chronology posting thing? Its having something to say and the desire to say it.


Four entries one day, none for a while.


That’s fine too.


P.S. Now that all this stuff is public facing and broadcast should there not be a dress code.


I find myself watching an event taking place in 2011 and being reminded of an OU Physics Lecture of the 1970s. (I often watched this stuff as a boy in the middle of the night. Hippy, beard, denim jacket, flaired-trousers and sandals.)




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