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Debunking the idea of Generation Y, X, Facebook or Google

Journalists do this, then research puts us straight. This is not a generation thing.

At Learning Technologies Imran Farooq of MMC told us about his two year old daughter and her ‘MyPad.’ We then see a picture of her with her Dad’s iPad.

Partially sighted people iPad because it is simple to use an intuitive.
My 85 year old father-in-law has had a Mac since their creation and is online now to colleagues in Poland.

There is no such thing as a ‘generation’ anything when it comes to this technology, or perhaps any. It has far more to do with location (where you were born), education, parent’s education and background, parent and sibling motivation, money, time, opportunity and so on.

I’m looking for all the reports that I coming out on this, in academia, but also from industry. Though I dare so the academic e-journal will be barred until it is 6 months old ‘m not pay $30 dollars a pop for the latest thinking) while industry will charge £400 +
What are the latest facts?
i.e. not hear say from an ill-informed journalist

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