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Serendipity – best behaviour for a fruitful online experience in a word

MAODE H800 wk23 Activity 2 Stepping over the edge

‘A key characteristic of these new technologies is “learning by doing” – users need to be immersed in and “play with” the affordances that these new digital environments offer, and hence over time get a sense of how they can change practice.’ Conole (20xx:403)

Whilst I may highlight and annotate, doing so on paper isn’t the easiest way to share; using a screen reader is worse because I find myself not enjoying having the obvious affordances, such as cut and paste, disabled.

I have an iPad to learn from it and to share what I discover. It is both the angle and the devil on my shoulder. Does it super-size my mind? It thrills and engages it, indulges and expands, but also risks loosing me in its labyrinthine tangles. Saved for now by a To Do list that I refresh and follow.

But then I find an idea from Conole (see above) that is key. The internet is a trip to the sea, it is somewhere to play and discover. We may require Lifeguards and laneropes but it remains largely an environment that can only be understood through engagement. You will get your face wet, you may get bitten by a crab.

To share this thinking I must go online, and cannot help myself. 

For the last three months I click through Linkedin, reading and responding. For the next three it may be Stumbleupon, which through tricks and traits I find increasingly insightful, feeding me like a favourite aunt or uncle , the weirdness of the http://www. 

Serendipity would be a better word for it. 

I am rewarded by 25 minutes of browsing with ‘new finds’ that becomes stuff that I recommend which in turn obliges me to update my profile, might I even say ‘brand tag’ the finds as ‘mymindbursts’.

(I need two days off to take stock and write up some ten ore more blog entries. Draft I know will do, from my experience as a diarist, just enough to trigger a more expansive and reflecive entry)”.

To remind myself:

Monday 11th Livestream on Social Media Metrics from IET. Five presenters. All to write up from my notes and screengrabs, cushioned or suffocated by the ‘official’ word and slides that have since gone up.

Tuesday 12th Picklejar Social Media for HE in which Tracy Payle shares insights from a number of Universites and through activities tips my thinking upside down and shakes it out onto the conference room table. I come away enlightened and as I had wanted, more confident if mot emboldened.

Thursday 20th Faculty discussion on VLE and my experiences of The OU VLE to date. I take a look at the poster in the Post Room and discover a ‘common room’ I had been unaware of.


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