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Eeek! The Vauxhall Zafira!

An MOT four days before we went on holiday became a nightmare: failed, load of fixes.


Next day it broke down.

I got to the Vauxhall dealer who said it was an X.

They booked it in for 2.00pm the next day. I drove off and broke down permanently 10 miles down the road. I had to leave it overnight in a layby and walk/train home with the dog as I had left the mobile on charge at home 😦

All I had was an iPad and no one was reading emails. Next day, the day before we go on hols, I get the car, the AA are brilliant, see the real problem and get me to the garage. I had phoned ahead in case parts could be ordered in as it HAD to be fixed that day. The AA speak to the garage and leave the battery to be charged on the forecourt.

I ring at 4.00pm saying I am coming to get the car … and I am told ‘we’ll get someone to look at it.’

The guy I had been dealing with was a temp from another garage covering for sickness. He had NOT booked the car in, nor had he informed his colleague what was going on.

It had sat there ALL DAY.

Train and walk to my trusted Vauxhall garage and go slowly mad.

They usually leave at 5.00pm but thankfully I am able to leave at 5.20pm with a fixed car, pack that night and 12 hours later we drive 330 miles to Cornwall without a hitch.

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