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Creativity, Innovation and Development

My creative inclinations, skills and experience lack one component in the business setting – controlling an impulse to step in and act or fix.

Better to let an idea run out of steam than give it undue recognition by pushing it off a cliff?

First with PDF files and now with books, I am skim reading the first months if B822 ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’. I see a shift after the first module that could be said to be the ‘creative inner self’ component and recognising it in others to the every day practicalities of costing, scheduling, justifying and managing it.

This complements where I stand professionally, the elevator pitch may contain a good idea but somehow I must use what has gone before to predict what might follow, this in the fluid, slippery world of social media.

On reflection the lesson is to wait, then act.

I feel I may be compelled to use my online networking skills to ask for a show of hands.

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