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B822 Block 1 Book 1 Chapter 2

Having come through three modules of the MAODE I am used to a set of rail-tracks, or perhaps a ladder, that includes every activity, each presented with the opportunity to offer your responses in a forum, whether this is required or not. I have become used to this as an incentive to get activities done, share my thinking, see the thinking of others and move on. B822 is different in a number of respects:

1) there is a book or a PDF file of the book. I can see from week 1 to the end of this block. It isn’t presented or offered in a way to expect let alone facilitate snaring.

2) there is a fraction of the theory or scale or scope of reading (thus far). There isn’t so much to have a difference of opinion about or to share with others what you have read that others may have chosen strategically to skip.

3) almost every question is applied to you considering your current organisation. Not what you think, but the practicalities of analysing the systems and people around you. This is NOT conducive to sharing, neither exposing your employer or business to open scrutiny or expressing an opinion that might reveal its underbelly.

Although for my benefit I am picking through the reading and completing each activity in relation to that organisation where I work, none of this will be offered up beyond my tutor group. I wonder therefore if I should look into my past at other organisations where I have worked, particularly in TV production where as a Producer I often therefore had a leadership/management role.

As interesting to me is the learning design, after all my goal is an MAODE not an MBA. And the role, the motivation to post to a peer group in a tutor group, to reveal our respective approaches to the task in hand.


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