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Flourishing in Teams

Flourishing in teams
West M,A., Sacramento, C.A, In ‘Creative Management and Development. Henry, J (2011) pp25-44

1) Ensure the team task is intrinsically motivating
2) Ensure a high level of extrinsic demands as the task develops, so hands off to start but pressure mounting towards the end.
3) Select a team of innovative people
4) Select people with diverse skills and backgrounds
5) Provide organisational rewards for innovation
6) Create a learning and development climate in the organisation
7) Develop a climate for innovation in the organisation
8) Establish team norms for innovation
9) Encourage reflexivity in teams
10) Ensure there is clarity of leadership in the team and that the leadership style is appropriate for encouraging innovation.
11) Manage conflict constructively and encourage minorities to dissent within teams.
12) Don’t just bond … Bridge.

THE ‘whole’ task, its entirety.
Brainstorming away from the everyday.
Later pressures.
Fully integrated team working

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