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Stepping over the edge – meaning from metaphors

Notes from Chapter 2 of ‘Stepping over the edge’ (2011)

Grainne Conole

There are positive and negative stances regarding Technologies. It helps to get some perspective.

Web 2.0 requires new strategies and policies.

With Web 2 .0 dialogue and sharing flourishes.

Greater use should be made of metaphor for meaning making.

Look to ‘participatory cultures’ for clues.

Benefits including peer to peer learning (comms)

A changed attitude to IP

Diversification of cultural expression

Development of skills valued in the modern workplace

A more empowered sense of citizenship

See Table 1 Changing toolsets against functionality

Web 2.0 =

* User Generated Content

* Collective Knowledge Building

*Wisdom of Crowds

Fragmentation of Voice

There are benefits:


There are issues regarding:


Learn through experiential interaction rather than guided step by step instruction.

The information flow through the system is radically different in a digital world, and hence there is a need for reconceptualisation of the best processes to support this. Conole. 2011:404

The fallacy is to think that social networks are just made up of people.They’re not:Social networks consist of people who are connected by a shared object. Engestrom (2005)


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