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Forums, blogs, diaries: discussion, stream of consciousness and private reflection

(I wrote this in a tutor group forum)

‘It’s called blogging’, I say.

‘Forums aren’t the place for a good rant, or stream of consciousness soul sharing whereas a blog offers this opportunity’, I continue then add, ‘Out of habit the notes on everything I read finds its way online, some shared, some not, some as bullet points, some with my thinking. Its one of the ways I learn online, sharing my progress, failings and insights.

So, yes let’s have more on Csiksgentmihalyi.

An academic we are introduced to as ‘cheek-sent-me-home’ on innovation in the workplace. My take on blogging may be different to that of others, for a start I keep two blogs regularly, and possibly four have some kind of life in them while I have some 16 out there on themes/subjects as diverse as swimming coaching, parenting, the First World War, Lewes Bonfire Societies and of course e-learning which grew out of my ‘writer’s diary’ I began a decade ago.

I long ago STOPPED keeping an online diary or posting chunks of diaries I have kept for three decades. I posted a drawing I did of a girl I met on my French exchange in 1978; this and my verbatim notes on my escapades came to her attention. I simply don’t see the point in writing in a book anymore; the minimum requirement is some kind of electronic filing system database or e-portfolio.


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